Washington DC 2017 – venue

The Library of Congress nowadays not only consists of the old main building (Jefferson Building at 101 Independence Avenue SE, opposite the U.S. Capitol) but also of several big modern buildings around it. The workshop will take place in one of these: The James Madison Building, opposite the old main building on the other side of Independence Avenue.
The entrance is located on this avenue. Please prepare to go through airport-style security. In case you plan to do research in any of the reading rooms you will need to register as a Reader (ID required) at the entrance level of the Madison Building on the left-hand side.

Madison building  Annotated photo Capitol Hill

Map Capitol Hill

The venue of the Workshop is the Mumford Room on the 6th floor. The Mumford Room is in the center of the building. On the same floor you can also find a Cafeteria where coffee/tea breaks will be served and where you can have lunch at your own expense.

Map 6th floor Madison