Useful Links ICA Website
Website of the International Cartographic Association 7th International Symposium of the ICA Commission on the History of Cartography
Oxford, UK, 13-15 September 2018. The History of Cartography Gateway Website
The History of Cartography Gateway – a website which forms part of the WWW-Virtual Library. It offers a non-commercial mixture of comments and tips (spread over about 100 ‘pages’) and many thousands of links to free sites. It is the work of one individual. Society for the History of Discoveries
The scope of the Society’s activities encompasses the discovery, exploration, and mapping of the earth’s land and sea surface from earliest times to the present – the explorers and the explored. Fields of specialization thus include the history of European expansion, cartography, navigation and colonial settlement. e-Perimetron
The international web journal on science and technologies affined to history of cartography and maps